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Though he had started off the day as a virgin, he was now a seductive man-slut.

( ...OMG! WTF! BBQ!)

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Name:i can see your house from here
Birthdate:Feb 22
Website:who_la_hoop @ AO3
Hello! I’m Rachel. I'm 33, female and terribly English, which means I drink so much tea I may one day turn into a teabag and I have a special pointy head to repel rain. I’m also highly skilled at procrastinating, reading kinky smut and drinking white wine and gin (not in the same glass). It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.

In RL I'm an editor, and have worked both in fiction (mostly crime) and non-fiction (a bit less criminal), so I have opinions on commas and other such fascinating subjects. In fandom life I promise not to mention commas, unless you ask :D

I read and write (mostly) slash in a number of fandoms. My main fandom is Harry Potter, where I go for Harry/Draco (my OTP <3), Harry/Snape and Albus Severus/Scorpius in a major way, although I have been guilty of committing many and sundry other m/m(/m/m) pairings!

I am also into BBC Sherlock (John/Sherlock), MCU (mainly Thor/Loki, though I read other pairings as well) and Merlin (Merlin/Arthur) and still have a soft spot for the first fandom I took part in on LJ – Doctor Who (Doctor/Rose and Doctor/Jack).

I am keen on animanga, with an extreme fondness for Loveless, Pet Shop of Horrors and Saiyuki.

I am particularly obsessed by online Victorian/steampunk-inspired browser game Fallen London, where I go by the username Lady Red. Say hello if you play too!

TL;DR: I'm never short of something to read :D

Friending policy: ...go ahead!

Transformative works policy: ...go ahead! (With full credit to me, a link to the original story and an email letting me know where the story/remix/podfic is hosted when you're done). There is no need to ask me in advance - as long as you aren’t making any money out of the project, I will always say yes.

General policy (heh): I try to reply to all comments. Often, I fear, I fail. Please rest assured that if you have commented, I have hugged your comment to my bosom and suffocated it cherished it, before my spam filter/the monster under my bed/my evil, androgynous dolls ate it. *insert general grovelling*

I used to bartend in the dark over at [community profile] hogwarts_elite. Now, I consider myself a graduate :D


Artist credit and instructions for using my Harry/Draco mood theme can be found here.

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